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Art of Recovery

The Art of Recovery (AOR) is a nonclinical program offered in which client artists collaborate with professional artists to create original artwork. Artistic mediums include, but are not limited to watercolor and oil paintings, collage, sculpture, mixed media, and photography.

Why does SMHC offer AOR?
AOR’s purpose is to 1) Raise critically needed funds to support services for individuals with severe mental illness and emotional disorders and limited financial resources., and
2) Reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness. Revenue is generated from the sale of artwork and through corporate sponsorships.

Artwork completed within AOR will be displayed and sold at a final Art of Recovery Event sometime on Thursday, May 28th at Harbor Events and Conference Center in Portsmouth.

How does AOR work?
There are no “rules” regarding how teams collaborate provided individual participants are satisfied. On occasion, trained SMHC staff assist teams in defining the nature of their collaboration–where artwork will be created, how often participants expect to meet, transportation issues, etc.

In addition to providing ongoing support, SMHC hosts optional monthly “coffeehouse” meetings to provide opportunities for all participants to share their AOR experiences with one another.

Art of Recovery Video